Who We Are

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AX Pharmaceutical Corp is a pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on quality, transparency, and integrity. We provide high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and raw materials to compounding facilities across North America. We also offer pharmaceutical packaging and testing related services to our customer base.

From manufacturing to retail, our products are delivered in a prudent and quality-assured manner, as this is of pivotal importance to our organization. Our goal is to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our customers with open lines of communication in order to continue serving them for years to come.

Our Mission Statement

The AX Pharmaceutical management team, along with employees, is committed to successfully delivering high-quality, safe, and effective API products to customers.

This commitment is maintained through employing a collective group of like-minded individuals who work to produce the right results the first time - every time.

We are able to provide a high caliber of products through our:

  •  State of the art technology, which works to test pharmaceutical products in order to ensure both proper identification, and quality of the API.
  •  Experienced workforce, equipped with a continuing education background in emerging quality control techniques and practices.
  •  Management team that holds itself accountable for the effective review and support of our quality control initiatives; through the prioritization, resourcing, and timely execution of quality-conscious decision making.
  •  Confirmation of our continued success, based on the testimony of all of our customers and regulators.
AX Pharmaceutical Lab

Our Focus

Our focus always remains on providing the highest possible quality products, and reliable services. We continuously study, and research new ways in which we can improve the quality standards of our products, and fulfill all of our customers’ needs. We are determined to lead our services to a global level in the near future.