Quality Testing for Raw Pharmaceutical Materials

Excellence in Testing For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Compounding Facilities

At AX Pharmaceutical Corp, our state-of-the-art laboratories are committed to a high caliber in product testing for pharmaceutical manufacturers and compounding facilities.

With a wide range of advanced equipment for the analysis and identification of raw materials, our specialists are committed to superior value in specialized product testing, consulting, pharmaceutical problem-solving and Research & Development services (R&D).

Regulated and audited by both Health Canada and the FDA, our products are carefully inspected by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality in APIs.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

AX Laboratories are equipped with advanced technology to ensure the safety and integrity of our products through quality testing.

With a wide variety of specialized equipment, our licensed specialists are able to identify each raw sample and verify the overall quality of the products received.


Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our laboratory staff come from a diverse background in manufacturing, testing and research experience.

With a multidisciplinary approach, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers with innovative solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Industry-Leading Personnel

With high levels of leadership, empathy and dedication, our team of laboratory specialists are deeply committed to the quality and safety of our collaborative processes.

With the end patient in mind, we take great pride in implementing strict procedural methods to test and verify our APIs.

AX Laboratories: Quality Testing for Global APIs

At AX Laboratories, our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to carefully examine, identify, test, and verify the safety and integrity of raw pharmaceutical materials before distributing them to our valued customers.

To ensure the quality, transparency and integrity of our products, our licensed specialists utilize the following product testing measures:


1. Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

The Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer is versatile, innovative, and intuitive, providing superior quantitative and qualitative information for routine analysis of solids, liquids, and gases.

Liquid Chromatography

2. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

The Agilent InfinityLab Liquid Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector (LC/MSD) system uses the power of mass selective detection to enhance pharmaceutical analysis.

Gas Chromatography

3. Gas Chromatography (GC)

The Intuvo 9000 Gas Chromatography (GC) System is designed for fast gas chromatography throughput while simplifying laboratory workflow.

Liquid Chromatography

4. Mass Spectrometry (MS)

The Agilent InfinityLab Liquid Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector (LC/MSD) system uses the power of mass selective detection to enhance pharmaceutical analysis.

pH Analysis

5. pH Analysis

SevenExcellence™ is a multi-channel instrument that allows for the accurate measurements of 1, 2 or 3 parameters simultaneously, either in the same or in different samples.

Melting Point

6. Melting Point

METTLER TOLEDO‘s Excellence Melting Point Systems measure melting point, boiling point, cloud point, and slip melting points to characterize a substance and analyze its properties.

Stability Chambers

7. Stability Chambers

Thermolab Scientific Chambers are perfectly designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests.

Advanced Solutions to Pharmaceutical Product Testing.

At AX Laboratories, our product testing services are designed to protect our local communities from unsafe and/or contaminated pharmaceutical ingredients.

With a strong commitment to providing safe, accessible, efficient and high-quality APIs, we take pride in our ability to source reliable raw materials for patients all around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about our products, services and/or testing procedures — our licensed specialists are available to address your requests within 24 hours.

Explore the integrity — test at AX Laboratories.


Find a Product

Find a Product

With a vast inventory of high-quality API’s, our products are available for shipping by the following business day.

If a product you seek is not currently on our list, please contact us and we will strive to source it from our qualified manufacturers and vendors.

Consult with Specialist

Consult with Our Licensed Specialists

Our in-house consultation services are designed to help our customers identify their personal pharmaceutical needs, investigate Out of Specifications and/or develop customized solutions to better service your customers.

With a shared commitment to the quality of medical products distributed, we are happy to provide reliable, uninterrupted access to high-quality APIs.

Become a Customer

Become a Customer

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With access to our online portal, our customers are connected to a global selection of raw materials where they can order, track and review their purchase history at any time.

From ongoing support and fast-deliveries to competitive pricing and quality assurance - we are committed to providing uninterrupted access to high-quality APIs.