Our History

20+ Years of Experience

Ax Pharmaceutical Corp was established in 2013, with a focus on providing high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), to chemical compounding facilities across North America and globally.

Our Founder and CEO, Andrew Wang, brings over 20 years of experience in chemical manufacturing and business trading. Andrew strives to create a dynamic organization that offers excellent growth opportunities throughout the corporation and to all employees.

AX Pharmaceutical Boardroom

Fully Licensed and Inspected

AX Pharmaceutical has vigilantly performed field research throughout every continental U.S. state and Canadian province in order to gain a better understanding of each client’s current operations. This was done in hopes of pinpointing areas in which we could improve their process, and provide products and services to elevate their quality and operation efficiency. The overall goal of this North American tour was to unlock ways in which we could achieve higher customer satisfaction, and provide unprecedented support to our clients.

AX Pharmaceutical sources out only the highest quality API’s from qualified manufacturers across the globe. Each of our onboarded manufacturers goes through a rigorous auditing process done by our Quality Assurance team in order to ensure complete compliance.

Ax Pharmaceutical offers a wide range of raw materials in order to ensure that our customers and clients can find the products they are looking for, and be treated and served quickly and efficiently in a safe manner. We communicate openly with our clients in order to foster long-lasting and trustworthy relationships.