Global Supply Chain

Safety, Efficiency, and Quality

AX Pharmaceutical Corp’s objective is to deliver high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) to our clients in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. We understand how important it is for our clients to be able to delivery high quality drugs and medications to retailers and patients on time; which is why we import and export hundreds of API’s every year to clients spanning all across North America.

AX Pharmaceuticals delivers products to every continental U.S. state and Canadian province. We are partnered with a number of different distributors that are licensed, and rigorously audited by both the FDA, and a number of various pharmaceutical boards throughout North America.


Global Supply Chain

Across North America

We are vigilant about protecting our supply chain, so that it always remains in line with regulations and our values of safety, efficiency, and quality. We take a very proactive approach to forecasting the specific needs of our clients to ensure any service disruptions are avoided, so that those relying on our customers can receive their products and medications on time, every time.